A new era for Call of Duty

Hamza Imran hamzaimran90@hotmail.com 2019-10-30 21:34:42

Tencent paired with Activision published the very anticipated Call of Duty Mobile on 1st October,2019. Developed by TiMi Studios, the game has smashed the download records by getting 100m+ downloads in just a week. These staggering figures are not only because COD is one the best first person shooter game on PC but we will look for the reasons of its thriving.

Who can play COD mobile android requirements: Any Android device with version 5.1 or higher, coupled with 2GB of RAM can run this game. COD mobile iOS requirements: iOS 9.1 or higher can run this game, basically Iphone 6 or newer models. The size of the game is 1.1 Gb on both Android and iOS but a maximum storage size of 2.6 Gb should be reserved for its updates. Gameplay COD mobile downloads have been flying because it is a flashback of the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, better known as COD 4, jam-packed with the new craze of battle royales on a mobile. It features two game modes, Multiplayer and Battle Royale. Call of Duty Multiplayer pleases its fans by combining legendary maps from different COD series like ‘Crossfire’ from Cod 4 and ‘Hijacked’ from Black Ops 2. COD’s multiplayer game mode can be sub-categorized into 4 core types of matches: • Frontline: Kill players to reach score limit, always spawn at base • Team Deathmatch: Kill players to reach score limit • Domination: Capture and hold objectives to reach score limit • Search and Destroy: Blast the bomb and win and then defend the opposing team from doing the same Multiplayers is also constantly being refreshed by temporary but exciting new game modes like Gun Game: Kill players with your current weapon to advance to next, first player to kill players with all weapons wins. Call of duty battle royale is new and it is developing, unlike other games call of duty allows you to start with a basic gear and class. It is only featured on one map with zombies involved but as time progresses newer maps and creative features will bombard this game mode inevitably. The classic Cod features are maintained with a tons of loadout optimization.

Graphics The graphics are very intense with a lot running in one screen, graphics aren't as highly detailed which is a con but for a mobile first shooter that has just came out, it isn't fair to be judging right now as the game is prone to updates. The in game controls can effectively be optimized to your preference and there is a vast variation of settings that a user can modify. COD vs PUBG? Is there a need for PUBG fans to switch? PUBG has occupied the charts for a long time but COD has made sure that it brings a whole new exciting environment for the mobile gamers to be hooked on. Coming from a person who has played both, COD mobile feels like a 2 in 1 game combining Pubg and the classic pc cod with a lot of new additions. The biggest reason for this is the new Call of Duty Battle Royale which is the basic game mode of PUBG, coupled with game modes from the classic COD, the newer game ousts its older rival in diversity. People who want a quick match have many modes to play it in COD whereas if they look for a longer game, battle royale is always there coupled with the enthralling 'Search and Destroy'. Pubg graphics are more polished than Cod but to be fair they are polished because they aren't offering as much in one screen as Cod. The game pace is more controlled on Cod servers where as it is faster on Pubg. Conclusion For a first shooter gamer, COD mobile is a new generation of gaming platform that cannot be overlooked. Moreover, it is free so uninstall is an easy tool to access.