Xbox Adaptive Controller

Dayyyan Kiani dayyankiani10@gmail.com 2019-11-03 21:46:27

The only controller in the world that is accessible by anyone. The Xbox Adaptive Controller helps people with disabilities to customize their controller according to their benefit and allow them to stay connected with the gaming world

The Xbox Adaptive Controller also known as XAC is allows different peripherals to attach to its numerous ports, giving options to those with limited mobility. The whole architecture of the device contains two large programmable buttons, quick access to the "Xbox","Menu","View". The most interesting thing about the XAC is that it has nineteen 3.5 mm jacks, allowing it for numerous customization possibilities. Many organizations around the world, including AbleGamers Charity, The Cerebral Palsy Foundation, SpecialEffect and Warfighter worked closely with Microsoft in developing this device and help remove barriers to gaming.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is the ultimate gaming partner. It comes with different accessories that allow gamers to play different games of different genre's. XAC comes at a reasonable price of $100, given the added accessories come at different rates but that still means that if you avail all the accessories you're still looking at under $300 for all your expenses and it is a one time investment that will go a long way in your gaming experience and help you enjoy gaming. The XAC is also compatible with the Playstation 4's Dual shock controller, allowing cross platform accessibility. If you're worried about being held up by your normal controller then the Xbox Adaptive Controller is just the right gadget for you. Any gamer with disabilities should get hold of this controller to enjoy gaming and continue doing what they love. Microsoft has certainly created something that is worth your money.